Through life with eyes wide shut

Why most of us go through life in deep denial of obvious things? There are many reasons and each deserves a separate discussion, but if you did get lucky and life made you open your eyes somehow and not only look around, but also look closely at yourself?!  What now?

I got lucky, although way later than I would prefer (at least 10-15 years sooner would be great). When the right person entered my life, that allowed me to wake up from coma-like state. (now I really get «the sleeping beauty» fairy tale). But now, when I’m «up» I am shocked at is to where did I get in such state. Financial part of my life in a pitiful condition, physical part, well , so-so, and spiritual is all in pieces..

Slowly, step by step, I’ve started to dig through internet, searching.. Why? Where? How? Why like that? How else?    Books…. a lot of them…  different ones, interesting, worthy to read..  Each playing it’s part in certain moments in particular ways.. and me.. I am surprised, and happy.. and suddenly finding myself wanting to share .. this melody .. maybe because I see a lot of people walking around with their eyes shut wide, and I have the urge to come up to each and every one of them and tell them «you can do better!!!» Oh!! And those unfortunate yet lucky ones, who are still under 30! I really wish to, some times, practically shout in their faces or shove a billboard saying «Do NOT repeat my mistakes!! Start NOW!! Do NOT wait another 10-15 years!!» right under their noses..

My main task, that won’t let me sit still, is to become financially literate, up to the level where I can be proud of myself. To the level, which will allow (as Dave Ramsey say) change the legacy and will teach our kids to be financially sharp. I am planning to load off my thoughts on this subject in here, and also post reviews and my thoughts on the articles and books I find on this topic. Somehow I am sure that it will be interesting, even though year or two ago I would have consider this statemant totally crazy. I really wish for this to become lively discussion not only with myself. So, if you have something to say, any advice on what to read and discuss, you are welcome to join me in my quest..

на русском статья тут :по-жизни-с-широко-закрытыми-глазами/?preview=true&preview_id=2&preview_nonce=07bca6a76d


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