Tony Robbins 5 steps to take control of your life now

Bumped into another great video by Tony Robbins ans just can’t bear a thought of losing it.. 

Have to transcribe.. Just have to.. 

One of the things I’ve always done, like, I needed to learn NLP , the first real dynamic set of tools I learned, psychologically, I’d go to this classes with this psychologists and psychiatrists , and wo would have all day sessions, where their idea of all day was 4 hours. It’ll be like we’d start at 10 am and at noon we’d take a lunch. And I’d be like «where the hell are we going?»  We’d take a lunch for an hour and a half, and we’d come back at 1:30, and, sure enough, by 3:30 — 4:00 it was the end of the program. And I was like «Jesus! You made it into a quarter if a day!» So I took the rest of the time and I extracted everything I could from what I learned. There were people 10 times more skill than I had, or ability, but my level of application compared to theirs, I dwarfed it! And it’s because when I still there I didn’t leave the environment , I’ve always had that belief, that if you wanna be successful at anything in life, never leave the sight of setting the goal without doing something that commits you to fulfillment . If you get, like…  you are in state when you do something. While you are in state, that’s the time to commit yourself to something that makes you follow through. So, I’d call somebody up, I’d schedule something, I’d walk into a next meeting, I’d sign up for a class, I’d call the guy who’s gonna mentor me, I’d set the meeting with a mastermind, the people I met, I’d do something , so, that, whatever I committed to, there was something that I went home , that would pull me there! It’s structure! In fact, I’ll give you 5 «C»s to RPM, just as a quick warm up for you, how is that? If you don’t remember it would be okay, it would only be in your unconscious for when you go to work with the coach. These are the 5 «C»s:

Anything that comes to your mind, anything you can think of, because we gonna basically do a little mini RPM version of things right now. Anything comes to my mind, I’m here, while you are here doing something, driving your car and you are think of an idea for your business, or one of your businesses, where do you put it?! iPhone, diary, iPod, iPad, and how do you find it afterwards? The trigger to look at it again? Go back and review the system, crysis makes me do it, I’d send an e-mail to myself, Oh good! More e-mails.. With more to-do’s.. So , I don’t care what your system is, but when you have RPM, you’ll have one place to put it , for right now , the right place to put it. The problem is, that most of us have life, and if you put it in one place, it’s just becomes more overwhelming.. Who knows what I, talking about here? So, the 1st step , I’ll just tell you that, is the 1st «C» — capture! You gotta CAPTURE! The motion I do is like this capturing with my hand in my brain and put it somewhere else. Pulling out of my head and into one place. I don’t care what your one place is, it’s gotta be ONE PLACE!! Now,  ideally in that one place you have some categories, so you don’t throw everything into one giant list! Is that makes sense? So you might have category for me. I have companies, I have some research, I have a Somali resort, I have metabolife, I have all those different companies. So, I’ll drop me in that area as an example. Or a roles for me as a father. I don’t have time to demonstrate these  for you, but  just know that first thing you want to do is keep it out of your head. Have it in one place. Why do you want to do that? Keep lots of extra RAM available. When you have to keep thinking about stuff it creates inner stress. If you know it’s there, and you know you gonna look at it consistently , right. You do it once a week, once a day, and you gonna review it, and do something with it. It might be «forget it», «tomorrow», «I’ll do it later», but you gonna do something with it, you will be able to let go! How many of you think, that that’s what you, pretty much, tried to do already?! People try to do this! But the reason people don’t do it, it’s because making lists .. after a while they stop doing it.. Do you wanna know why they stop doing it? Who made the lists and then didn’t keep the lists up?! Those so called «ToDo» lists. Why don’t you kept «ToDo» lists up?! Because every time you go there, there is so god damn … what?! How many of you always got more to do, if you do make the list, then you have time?! So inheritly , why am I doing this? RMP is a different mindset! The mindset is — we are just capturing it, we know we are not going to do most of it, but we need to be able to later, when it’s time, to decide what things are worth doing and more importantly, what do we really after?! We are going to use these to trigger us, to say, all these relates to something, maybe, more important. How many follow philosophic difference? My goal is not «get-things-done»‘ this is not GTD, this is «use-the-things-you-need-to-do-to-stimulate-higher-level-of-thinking-of-what-you-really-want-why-you-want-it-and-then-become-very-strategic-about-how-to-get-that»! And many of these things may go away! Maybe it won’t matter.. 


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