The neuropsychology of self discipline: Learn the Secret to Motivate Yourself

I just can’t keep quiet about it!! Must read or must listen!!!

I am sooooooo disappointed that it’s not translated into Russian yet!!!

I just HAVE to do it.. I will first transcribe it..  Please be patient, remember, i have 1 y.o. twins at home, who keep me quite busy, but I do promise to do my best at it!!

First- the link, of course, for those of you who can understand the spoken English.

Here, little by little, I will put the parts that i transcribe.

Neuropsychology of self discipline 

On behalf of cyber vision systems I would like to beneficial and powerful personal achievement program you will ever experience the neuropsychology of self discipline , the master key to success. My name is Richard Gebheart and I’m going to be your guide as we explore, learn and use this fascinating and effective program for developing your power of self discipline, the iron will , the inner strength and drive you need to achieve your life’s goals and ambitions. This program is the result of many years of thoughtful scientific inquiry and research in an attempt to discover and understand the main driving force, the core source of inner power that separates the dynamically achieving person from the unfulfilled underachieving masses. Cyber vision systems has directed it’s financial and human resources to find the answer. Through it’s association with the famed Stanford university Neuropsychological research Laboratory and through seven years of intensive investigation into the science of human achievement Cyber Vision Systems has uncovered what it believes is the master key to success. The master key which unlocks the raw potential which lies dormant within the heart and mind of men. Simply stated, we call this key SELF DISCIPLINE. Self discipline, what’s the first thing that phrase makes you think of? Unfortunately, for most people, the term conjures up the images of strictness, long stretches of boring or irritating work, of self sacrifice and self denial. Nothing could be further from the truth. Truly self disciplined people are 


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