How I re-START-ed exercising

Gettting pregnant with twing was a HUGE surprise for me, even though I was sort of preparing myself for that. 🙂 I was reading books and listening/watching videos about self-improvement, self-developement for about two years before getting pregnant and started doing visualization, as it is suppose to better your chances at getting what you want. So, once, I was visualizing the place to live I wanted to have, I drew 4 room appartment, in one I drew my two older girls, in another, my first son, and in third one — drew myself and my husband (it was stick figure drawings) and as we already decided, that we would have a baby, I drew a circle inside of my dress-triangle and (as if I knew) suddenly drew two babies inside of it..
Well, let me tell you I still was shocked when UltraSound specialist told me that I was pregnant with twins.. Shocked, but happy 🙂
Being pregnant became hard very fast, as at 3 months my belly was as big as at 7-8 months with my 1st baby!!!
About re-START-ing, finally 🙂

I am certified fitness trainer, but I haven been exercizing for quite a while.. I found out in december 2015, that I won’t be able to start working until september 2016 (for another 9 months, ahhh.. ) as kindergartens take kids in only from september.. start of a school year. I decided to start working out and get into great shape so I can proudly call myself fitness trainer while looking like one. 🙂
It was not easy to start waking up at 6 am to get to the gym by 6:30, as that was the only time of day the little ones were asleep and my husband was at home at the same time. But I was excited to get out of the house anyway.. I did about 20 min. training with weights and then (for the first week or two) 20 min. running on a treadmill. And while weights were more or less bearable, even though I did each set until I felt burning in my muscles, running was much harder. I think, that was because my body already burnt all the energy stored in muscles and did not waste the enery stored in fat.. I had to stay on a threadmill saying to myself «how would it look if you just run for 5 minutes or 10!?» it worked a bit.. I did stay and finished, but, to tell you the truth, I did not enjoy it one bit!!! And I was NOT happy about it..
Doing visualization for my self developement gave me an idea.. I started running and at the moment it would get tough, i would start chanting in my head «I’m becoming stronger, leaner, healthier and more rich» ( 🙂 here you have to excuse me 🙂 but I do connect the way I look with the amount of money I would be able to earn.. it comes with a job.. Fitness trainer ought to look better than an average citizen 🙂 so the people would actually see that he/she more or less knows what he/she is talking about.

Suddenly it got a lot easier to run and my runs became 25, then 30, then 35 minutes..

Up until I was out of time and had to go home.. And during one of the runs, all of a sudden the tought «maybe I should run a marathon» popped into my head.. I was so surprized, that nearly fell off the treadmill..
Yet, I managed to make my experience on a treadmill even better.. I decided to visualize the thing I wish for. Right now it’s buying out another room in our apartment (I know it sounds lame for some people, but when you have 5 kids and only one of the parents working — it’s really tough buying real estate. Banks DO NOT like give mortgages to those who have so many mouths to feed. So, our plan is buy out rooms, one by one in this apartment we currently live in.
Back to business, I started visualizing me and my husband opening this 2nd room with the key, coming in, and me jumping around saying «it’s ours!!» I got so excited, that I barely noticed time on a treadmill and came off of it with an insanely happy smile.. that was certainly amazing!!!
To conclude: my advice to you beginners — chant something positive that you wish for and visualize one of your wishes coming true!! especially if you can connect it with your new health and new better look. 🙂 I did and it worked out great!!!


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